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Current Auctions

Sirius Sports Cards Auction #171 - Bidding Opens October 15. Auction ends October 27

Our Auction Schedule for 2016

Sirius Sports Cards Auction #172 - Bidding Opens October 29. Auction ends November 10

Sirius Sports Cards Auction #173 - Bidding Opens November 12. Auction ends November 25

Sirius Sports Cards Auction #174 - Bidding Opens November 26. Auction ends December 8

Sirius Sports Cards Auction #175 - Bidding Opens December 10. Auction ends December 22

Advantages of consigning to Sirius Sports Cards:

* Individual lots. Consignor prices maximized by offering cards individually

* Frequent auctions. Cards will be listed in an auction within 2 weeks of being received

* Long history of selling. We have sold hundreds of thousands of graded cards worldwide

* Auction experience. We have over 140 auctions under our belt

* Comprehensive advertising. We utilize our e-mail lists along with PSA print and web ads

* Quick payments to consignors. We settle shortly after we are paid

What we sell best:

PSA & SGC graded vintage sports card and non sports singles

PSA & SGC graded near and complete sets to be sold individually

PSA/DNA & JSA authenticated autographed memorabilia

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The consignment deadline is 10 days before the start of each auction.