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Registration - If you are not a registered Sirius Sports Cards bidder you must register online at or call (443) 416-0310 to obtain your bidder information. You do not have to register again if you have bid with SSC in our past auctions. If you do not recall your user information you can obtain this information by clicking on the "Lost Password" link on auction site or call us at (443) 416-0310 if you continue to have difficulty.

All new registrants will need 2 hobby references. These references will be checked. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to refuse to register a bidder or to refuse to accept bids from anyone.

Bidding - Bidding begins immediately upon the launch of the auction on our web site. Preliminary bidding will end at 11:00 PM, EST on the auction closing date. To bid on a lot after 11:00 PM, EST you must have placed a bid on that lot prior to 11:00 PM, EST. Thus, if you are the only bidder on a lot at 11:00 PM, EST on the auction closing date you will be declared the winner. We will use the 15 Minute Rule to close the auction. No retractions of bids are permitted. Once a bid has been placed, it may not be retracted.

Bidding Increments - Bidding increments are as follows. Bid price of $20 and below have $1 minimum raises. Bid price over $20 have 10% minimum raises. All bids are in whole dollars. Offers to "top all other bids" are not accepted, but you may place a "Max" bid (also known as "Up To," "Ceiling," or "Limit" bid) and the system will automatically bid on your behalf up to that amount only if and when necessary. In the event of a tie bid, the earlier received bid will be recognized as the successful bid.


The 15 Minute Rule - How The Auction Ends - You must place an initial bid on an item, prior to the scheduled close of the Auction at 11:00 PM EST on the auction closing day, to be eligible to bid on that item during the extended bidding period. The Extended bidding period will begin at 11:00 PM EST and last for 15 minutes.  Each time a bid is placed the 15 minute clock will be re-stated. (i.e. a bid is made at 11:10 PM the auction will now remain open until 11:25 PM.  If another bid is placed at 11:17 PM the 15 minutes will start again and the auction will remain open until 11:32 PM., etc.)  This will continue until there have been no bids placed for a period of 15 minutes, at which time the auction software will automatically conclude the auction. All auction lots remain open while bidding continues on any one lot. This allows bidders who are bidding on a specific lot against another bidder to not lose the opportunity to bid on secondary lot should they be outbid while focused on the first lot. No bidders will be allowed to place bids on items they had not previously bid on prior to 11:00 PM EST. 

Items Are Sold To the Highest Bidder

Shipping, Handling, and Insurance - Shipping, handling, and insurance to the US for our graded auctions will be added to all winnings at the following rates:

Smaller single item lots including PSA graded, PSA/DNA slabbed, flat items (photos) etc:

1-3 lots: $4.00

4-7 lots: $7.00

8-19 lots: $10.00

20-30 lots: $15.00

Over 30 lots: $20.00

Shipping for multiple item PSA and PSA/DNA slabbed lots will run the same as above and will be combined with single card lots and multiple card lots to arrive at a total. For example if you win a 15 card lot of 1955 Topps PSA 6-7, shipping will be $10.00. If you win the 15 card PSA lot and 10 single PSA cards your shipping total will be $15.

Shipping for bulky items such as baseballs, posters, framed pieces, etc will be charged according to several factors including weight, dimensions, easyness to pack and ship. Shipping will be inline with the actual shipping charges and cost of packing materials.

Insurance is added at the rate of 1% of item total (winning bid+buyers premium).

International winners will be charged exact shipping plus insurance.


Shipping in our raw card only auctions:

Shipping to the US is $3 whether you win one card or all of them.

Insurance is added at the rate of 1% of item total (winning bid+buyers premium).

International winners will be billed exact shipping plus insurance.


Buyers Premium - A 12.5% buyers premium will be added to all winning bids. For example, if you win a lot for $1000, your total for that lot will be $1125 plus shipping, insurance, and sales tax, if applicable.

Sales Tax - We must collect 6% sales tax for all shipments to MD (Maryland) or MD bidders may supply us with a valid resale number.

Payments - For payments of auction winnings, we accept checks, cashiers checks, money orders, Paypal, and credit cards. Payment is due within 14 days of the auction closing date. Any bidder who can not meet the payment in 14 days should contact us prior to bidding for arrangements. We ask this because we want to be prompt in paying our consignors. In the event of a Late/Non Payment, the bidder agrees to pay all of the auctioneer's reasonable attorney's fees and costs involved in collection of funds, plus 1.5% interest per month on any unpaid balance, starting from the original due date until the date that all funds have been collected. The jurisdiction for any litigation shall be in the State of Maryland, or at the discretion of the auctioneer. If a winning bidder does not honor his or her bid with payment in full per the auction rules, then it is agreed that Sirius Sports Cards at its sole discretion can sell the given item(s) to the under bidder or re offer the items in a future auction, and that the original winning bidder is responsible for any losses incurred or service charges involved in the sale of the said item(s) and that the non paying winning bidder explicitly agrees to pay any and all costs of collection, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees incurred by Sirius Sports Cards in the collection of these losses and/or service charges from the non paying winning bidder.

Title to any lot remains with the consignor or Sirius Sports Cards and shall not pass to the successful bidder until the lot is actually paid for in full.

Word About Authenticity - Sirius Sports Cards takes extreme pride in the authentication of the material offered within our auctions. All items are sold as 100% genuine and every effort has been made to ensure the authenticity of each item in our auction. In most instances we use reputable third party authentication.

Many cards we offer will already be third party graded and authenticated.

Group lots are graded to the best of our ability. We will endeavor to provide the breakdown of the condition by percentages of all raw group lots. Raw singles will be described as accurately as we can.

While we as a firm perform due diligence in order to maintain the integrity of our auctions, we encourage bidders to use every resource available to them to draw their own conclusions. As a firm we will make every effort to help in the process. Because of our efforts to ensure the authenticity of the items within the auction as well as the opportunity we offer bidders to confirm our findings as well as that of our experts and third party authentication, it is our policy that all sales will be considered final.

Acceptance of Terms - Each of the terms in the auction rules are distinct and separate. Placing a bid constitutes acceptance of the above terms. Sirius Sports Cards reserves the right to reject any and all bids from any bidder.


Return Policy - No returns on auction items


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